Why Off-Page Relevance is Still Important

GoogleThe two most important aspects in ranking a website are on-page optimization to a keyword, and off-page relevance to the keyword.  Google, perhaps the most trusted search engine, developed their entire first algorithm off of the concept of PageRank and the value of endorsements, through links, to a website.  And though the algorithm has changed numerous times, and internet marketers and small, local website owners, both suffered and rejoiced over the changes to the algorithm, the core concepts of the algorithm are unchanged: in order to rank a website must receive links from other websites.


The statement, “a website must receive links from other websites”, is an oversimplification of a complicated process.  Because the search engines want to create and maintain a competitive and balanced medium in the natural search engine results, and because some unsavory types will do anything to get ahead, it has become increasingly more important to ensure that only quality and verifiable links point into a website.  Currently, the algorithm update known as “penguin” specifically targeted websites where it was obvious that links had been purchased en masse, and that the quality of the links were below a certain par that the search engine demanded.   Because of that, the search engine retrofitted their algorithm and devalued large amounts of backlinks that looked like they were either purchased.  This caused many websites to lose their rankings and ousted several internet marketing companies that were using what is known as “Black Hat” link building. 


SEO GraphNow, operating in a post penguin internet, it is even more important to ensure that a website has quality links pointing into it.  Working together with a search engine optimization agency is encouraged to ensure that when a website earns new links pointing into the client’s website that they are not superficial links designed purely to game the search engine algorithm.  Because of the backlash that the search engine had against the link builders, be sure to work especially careful with the website and the links that are being pointed in the website.  There is no reason to risk losing all the progress an SEO company has made only because bad links were fed into the website.  


Remember that search engine internet marketing companies exist to help and assist small businesses with their internet marketing goals to ensure that they are met.  Nothing is more frustrating to a client or to a search engine optimization professional and expert than to learn that a website lost its ranks because of shady link building practices. 

posted on Dec 24, 2013

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